Jun. 5th, 2006

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Almost every single binary search in existence is broken.

Saturday I figured out how to use Bazaar, and I love it.  Offline commits, public branches, history merging; it's all really awesome.  I also spent some time thinking about my abandoned Magic: The Gathering project, and mocked up a much improved interface for how the game would work.  It involves more than two people, too!

I also spent some time refactoring my level editor; in fact, it's so refactored that I am in the multi-million compile error phase.  The new design will be ultimately more beneficial than the global variable soup I was previously hacking in, but until then every single file is screaming as I try to make OOP out of soup.

I'm finally finished with the aftermath of reformatting my computer, too, and I'm giving the least user access principles thingie a go.  It's weird not running an administrator account 24/7 now, and I've finally created a set of batch files that allow me to bypass the rediculous Microsoft runas program.  Instead of going:

runas /env /user:administrator "[path to executable]"

and then typing in the password, then waiting for 30 seconds for the program to start (if I typed in the password correctly), I have finally created this simple system:

sudo [path to executable]

and it runs under the administrator account.  Just like that.  I'm also pleased with the scripting I used to make MSI packages install properly, as runas doesn't do anything but run executables, it seems.  This is the contents of sudo_msi.bat:

@echo msiexec.exe /i %* | sed -e 's/"/\\\"/g' - > c:\systools\msitemp & set /P msitemp= <c:\systools\msitemp
cpau_real -u administrator -p [password] -lwp -ex "%msitemp%"

In the process of creating this, I learned how to use grep, sed, and I learned more about how the Windows 'set' command works then I ever wanted to know.  Anyways, the point is that being a non-administrator account is a lot easier, finally, and I can now relax and enjoy my computer spontaneously rebooting on me whenever I open uTorrent.  Power supply failure, anyone?

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