Sep. 4th, 2006 12:29 pm
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I'm back.  Grade 12 starts tomorrow.  This should be interesting.
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(¯`·._.·[Rebecca says hi]·._.·´¯):
    hi this is rebecca
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Tonight's mashup:

Mike Foyle - Love Theme Dream (Airbase vs. Martin Luther King Jr. Mix) (~6 minutes, OGG, ~6MB)

And hot off the internet presses:

(¯`·._.·[Rebecca] says:
    are you goin away anywhere?
(¯`·._.·[Rebecca] says:
    i'll do anything
(¯`·._.·[Rebecca] says:
    that wasn't for you
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(¯`·._.·[Rebecca] says:
the girl who said her sister thought you were gay is lying because i'm her sister and i wouldn't say that
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The punchline to this commercial will hit you below the belt
Why can't I play Warcraft III on my tabletop :(
Google provides answers to questions that everyone asks

I snapped and I'm now an administrator on my local machine.  It started with trying to install Shareaza, and coming up against a brick wall because it wouldn't let me change any of the settings as a non-administrator.  That's right, you have to run a filesharing program as an administrator.  I can't think of a better way to screw up my computer.  Then I saw an interesting article about a program called Sudo for Windows, which looked like it would be very useful.  You can run programs, shortcuts, control panels and more with elevated privileges, and it also gave you the ability to open a temporary higher priveleged explorer shell, from which you could return to your normal shell at any time.  Unfortunately, after I installed it, I discovered that it seemed to require a freaking admin account in order to work properly.  Oh irony, you practical joker.  I finally gave up the ghost and I'm running as administrator again.  Maybe Vista will improve on the experience when it comes out.

In completely unrelated news, I'm pumped right now.  I spent about 4 hours in front of djDecks this afternoon, trying to record a mix.  In the process, I became thoroughly frustrated by the buggy keybinding system (seriously, can it even recall any custom bindings between sessions?  That bit me so often.) as well as the active deck behaviour, but I persevered.  I am the proud father of a 10 minute uninterrupted mix, complete with flanger and echo effects and four whole songs!

Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold Remix) vs Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (mrlachatte's Acapella Edit)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (mrlachatte's Dirty Gwen Funker Intro Edit)
Blur - Song 2

Download Russian Attack Episode 1 here (10 minutes, 11MB, requires Winamp/OGG codecs to play)

I would appreciate if I got other peoples' opinions on this.  I only just realized that the non-chorus bits of Hollaback Girl aren't really in key with Rock You Body and there are a couple sections where the beats are a bit spotty but nothing too drastic, and the bass levels on Smells Like are too high.  I'm happy with how the transition between Smells and Song 2 went, but I did it better in practice a few times.  So please, comment.  Massacre my bandwidth.  Help me improve!
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I got myself in a hacking mood after school and polished off my level editor.  It's now in a useable state again, after I got rid of the mess of memory-related errors caused by my previous code-oriented post.  That means that I can finally start adding cool new stuff like entities and objects, and optimize the history storage (which currently profiles at 100% of execution time!)  Unfortunately I'm leaving for camp in under two weeks.  Fortunately, that gives me two months to plan out exactly what I want in my editor and game! Also unfortunately, the Songbird public SVN will probably open up in my absence. I am really interested in getting dirty in that project; It might be easier to break into than Firefox, at least. I need something of substance to talk to prospective employers about in the future.

I feel like playing Grim Fandango again.


Jun. 14th, 2006 12:10 am
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So I came up with a cool idea for a 15 minute mashup mix.  The tracklist would be as follows:

1. Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Personal Edit) vs. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Acapella)
2. Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body (Oakenfold Mix)
3. Fischerspooner - Emerge (Junkie XL Mix)
4. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nick Warren House Mix)

Unfortunately, Queen is simply far too slow for every other song in the list (except the acapella).  Speeding it up to match the others would be an option except that Gwen Stefani already sounds kind of unnatural even when she's at the correct pitch.  I'm going to need to play with this, or else find some other bass heavy song to go behind Hollaback Girl that I can sample small instrumental clips from.

And it looks like it's not the vinyl control in djDecks that's causing the skipping.  If I switch to DirectSound instead of the ASIO drivers then there's no skipping at all, but the minute I turn the ASIO back on then my mixes sound like a toddler with muscle spasms is at the controls.  This is not good >:(  I also can't change the ASIO buffer latency, it simply refuses to switch from 50ms.  I wonder if I need to reinstall my Audigy2 drivers?
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Riddle me this.  I've got defitinitions like this:


class State
       GUI *gui;
       std::map<char *, int> iVars;

          set_ivar("test", 1);
          gui = new GUI(this);

       void set_ivar(char *name, int value)
          iVars[name] = value;

       int get_ivar(char *name)
             return iVars[name];
          else return 0;

class GUI
       GUI(State *s)
          printf("value is %d", s->get_ivar("test"));


Now, ignoring the nice circular dependency going on there, explain why I would get a 0 in the printf() in the GUI constructor.  The real problematic code is more complex, but I've tested, and the values in the map<> are valid before the call to create the GUI.  However, inside the GUI constructor, suddenly they don't exist anymore.  Help :(


Jun. 10th, 2006 11:59 pm
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My brother ([livejournal.com profile] gryphonvere) bought Firefly, so I'm enjoying the series all over again.  I got my parents hooked too; my dad watched from the beginning of Serenity, and my mum came in after 25 minutes and stayed for the rest of the 2-part episode.
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Almost every single binary search in existence is broken.

Saturday I figured out how to use Bazaar, and I love it.  Offline commits, public branches, history merging; it's all really awesome.  I also spent some time thinking about my abandoned Magic: The Gathering project, and mocked up a much improved interface for how the game would work.  It involves more than two people, too!

I also spent some time refactoring my level editor; in fact, it's so refactored that I am in the multi-million compile error phase.  The new design will be ultimately more beneficial than the global variable soup I was previously hacking in, but until then every single file is screaming as I try to make OOP out of soup.

I'm finally finished with the aftermath of reformatting my computer, too, and I'm giving the least user access principles thingie a go.  It's weird not running an administrator account 24/7 now, and I've finally created a set of batch files that allow me to bypass the rediculous Microsoft runas program.  Instead of going:

runas /env /user:administrator "[path to executable]"

and then typing in the password, then waiting for 30 seconds for the program to start (if I typed in the password correctly), I have finally created this simple system:

sudo [path to executable]

and it runs under the administrator account.  Just like that.  I'm also pleased with the scripting I used to make MSI packages install properly, as runas doesn't do anything but run executables, it seems.  This is the contents of sudo_msi.bat:

@echo msiexec.exe /i %* | sed -e 's/"/\\\"/g' - > c:\systools\msitemp & set /P msitemp= <c:\systools\msitemp
cpau_real -u administrator -p [password] -lwp -ex "%msitemp%"

In the process of creating this, I learned how to use grep, sed, and I learned more about how the Windows 'set' command works then I ever wanted to know.  Anyways, the point is that being a non-administrator account is a lot easier, finally, and I can now relax and enjoy my computer spontaneously rebooting on me whenever I open uTorrent.  Power supply failure, anyone?


May. 30th, 2006 12:04 am
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So it was higher than 30°C, with a humidex pushing it past 40 today.  Calculus was in a portable and it was ghastly, then there was a fire drill later.  I came home and fell asleep at the dinner table, then woke up at 9:30pm feeling really gross because it was still really warm out.  I'm pretty sure this is my body complaining about the past year of lack of sleep!

Also I tried mixing some tunes for half an hour, but djDecks kept skipping every time I got the songs lined up.  That was depressing.

Fun with botnets

Let your computer make scrapbooks better than you ever could
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It turns out that I'm a role model for a guy at my school.  He wants to be just like me, apparently.  I... guess this is good?  He went on about my dedication and how I'm always paying close attention to stuff, which is a complete lie.

When you were my age, who was your role model?  I've still got mine from two years ago.


May. 14th, 2006 01:50 am
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I was struck by a creative bolt of lightning, so I pounded out a tune in FLStudio for Mother's Day instead of buying a card.

This was the result.
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I just put in a smooth hour of non-stop mixing on my turntables.  I am feeling good about myself.
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To celebrate the end of IB French, I had a blood test.
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12 hours until judgement day.  Mine lasts for a bit over 3 hours, and it's completely in French!

Wish me luck :(
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I could listen to this for a while

Today I wiped a tub load of vaseline off of my face.
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Can anyone say p-p-p-powerbook?
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This is the kind of musical performance that Flimsy would put on

Also, from the 2005 Ig Nobel Prizes:

LITERATURE: The Internet entrepreneurs of Nigeria, for creating and then using e-mail to distribute a bold series of short stories, thus introducing millions of readers to a cast of rich characters -- General Sani Abacha, Mrs. Mariam Sanni Abacha, Barrister Jon A Mbeki Esq., and others -- each of whom requires just a small amount of expense money so as to obtain access to the great wealth to which they are entitled and which they would like to share with the kind person who assists them.

And finally, the night's big update:

One turntable is hooked into my soundcard and DJDecks picks up the Serato Scratch vinyl on it just fine.  I played one of Martin Luther King's speeches (from an mp3) over top of a house beat (another mp3) and scratched the vocals using my turntable.  My mind was suitably blown.  DJDecks is going to be the first program I buy in (at least) 5 years.
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The main character in Witness looks exactly like [livejournal.com profile] sirotrax.  It was rather distracting.

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