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As always, first come the requisite links.  Next, I regret to inform you that it is (was) my 16th birthday today (yesterday) and I only received two cards.  Or three cards.  Something like that, at least.

I'm now $150 closer to my goal of turntables, however, and one Ragdoll Kung Fu richer.  I had a birthday sleepover party (here's a tip: the Doom movie blows even more than you could possibly imagine.  And it's not the good kind of blowing).  I got a DJ Shadow CD and two blocks of fudge, which was neat, and one of those awesome winter hats with tassles from my parents (in addition to money towards my future turntables).  We then went out for Indian food and the latest Harry Potter, which was somewhat... whelming.  It's weird, I feel strangely ambivalent towards it.  It was a well done movie, kind of like steak is well done.  It can be good or bad, but it was definitely done.

And now my thoroughly diminished birthday is over.  I got to spend a few hours at the arcade on my parent's money with my friends, and my calves hurt from DDR.  Drum Mania was a lot of fun as well, but it's hard to do properly with a busted hi-hat.  The best game in the world, however, it Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ.  Any game that features black men with afros that grow according to how well you mash buttons in a rhythm wins in my book.

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