Jul. 22nd, 2005 02:45 am
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Galah Cha Cha (960 kB)

Titanic Improved (~1.5 mB)

The first movie I took at Blackbutt in October, noticed the movements, thought "that would go well with a song!" and promptly forgot about it.  It syncs up creepily well, in the end.  That is a funky galah.

The second is for a somethingawful thread where the point is to ruin movies by changing the soundtrack.  You'll see what I mean.
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You remember the Apple 'Switch' ads? You remember the parody anti-Mac ad? Here's one that I came up with in 10 minutes. I want to make this for the student films competition next year, all I need is a completely white room.

Books are the new Macintosh )

I win!

May. 27th, 2005 10:24 am
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There's a big new update to imgview, it's version 1.1 and fixes the 100% CPU usage and ever-increasing memory demands! Seriously, it's way faster now, should be portable and doesn't kill your system when you're trying to browse a directory of 1280x1024 wallpapers. Get it, or the source if you're so inclined. I'd like some feedback just to see if it works for people, please try deleting a few pictures and browsing a directory, it only takes a couple minutes.

In other news, the networked velocity game thingie which I posted has been updated to handle disconnections (almost) properly. I tested it with two guys on my Half-Life mod dev team in the States and the lag wasn't that bad, I could probably optimize the netcode, though. The new version also includes the proper SDL.dll, which was causing problems on some people's systems.
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Well I'm sick with a headcold and didn't go to Blackbutt today. What I did do is code up this awesome networked app in 3 hours. It came out of an idea I had for implementing velocity in moving characters, which I whipped up in 20 minutes. Then I thought "well this is pretty neat, I need to do something with it." So I set about figuring out how SDL_Net worked, came up with a simple netcode and decided that I'd put the server and the client into one program. This was probably beneficial, but gave me some headaches when one would work and the other would freeze. Anyways, to see what this does you run the app (it's the server), then run it again with the commandline "--join localhost". Move the balls around in both windows with the arrow keys, play with the velocity simulation (invented on my own, no very complex maths there) and enjoy the friction which ajs suggested that I add. Man, I love it when stuff goes right.
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Well, I finished version 1.1 of imgview. It's designed to replace the Windows image viewer in functionality, I'll add a commandline feature to allow it to actually work with being associated with various image types. I've gone through a couple updates in the last half hour and there's now some commandline options. I'll probably work on correct scaling ratios tomorrow.

Feature list:

- Quick, dynamic next/previous picture via left and right keys (add pictures to the directory while it's running and it'll work just fine)
- Scales pictures wider than the window to the window size (defaults to 1024x768, change it via the commandline)
- Shows filename of current image
- Press delete to mark images for deletion upon program termination, and delete to unmark them again (filenames show up in red if marked)
- Confirmation dialogue if there's any images marked to be deleted
- Loads JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, PCX and more!
- Fast, low memory usage

So, get it while it's hot!

Precompiled binaries:

- Win32 (698 kb)

Source code:

- Located here (183 kb)

Usage, compiling, hopefully upcoming features, all that jazz )

I am pleased as punch about this. It's great for cleaning out image directories, please r&r download and comment. I'd appreciate if someone tested this out on linux as well, I have no idea if it actually works properly on anything besides Win32.


May. 22nd, 2005 02:40 am
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libzzt progresses

As you can see, [ profile] mr_alert  and I have been feverishly working on libzzt in the past two days, after a couple weeks of it being dormant.  He's finished most of the interface functions (ZZT_getscore(), that sort of thing), while I put together ZZT_display() which would convert the internal workings into a standard display format.  I was bored around 12am and decided to whip up a quick board renderer (took me an hour), which exposed a bunch of problems in the interface functions relating to objects, as can bee seen in the screenshot above.  Still, it's progress!

I've also started using the nightly Firefox builds with the help of 4getmoz, a lovely script that downloads and installs the latest version for me!  Now that the build actually became useable this morning (the back button started functioning and the tabs actually showed whether the page was loading or not) I'm happy as a clam.  It's pretty fun to watch bugs get squashed every day.  And see new ones get added, such as the middle-click functionality suddenly disappearing >:(

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