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The punchline to this commercial will hit you below the belt
Why can't I play Warcraft III on my tabletop :(
Google provides answers to questions that everyone asks

I snapped and I'm now an administrator on my local machine.  It started with trying to install Shareaza, and coming up against a brick wall because it wouldn't let me change any of the settings as a non-administrator.  That's right, you have to run a filesharing program as an administrator.  I can't think of a better way to screw up my computer.  Then I saw an interesting article about a program called Sudo for Windows, which looked like it would be very useful.  You can run programs, shortcuts, control panels and more with elevated privileges, and it also gave you the ability to open a temporary higher priveleged explorer shell, from which you could return to your normal shell at any time.  Unfortunately, after I installed it, I discovered that it seemed to require a freaking admin account in order to work properly.  Oh irony, you practical joker.  I finally gave up the ghost and I'm running as administrator again.  Maybe Vista will improve on the experience when it comes out.

In completely unrelated news, I'm pumped right now.  I spent about 4 hours in front of djDecks this afternoon, trying to record a mix.  In the process, I became thoroughly frustrated by the buggy keybinding system (seriously, can it even recall any custom bindings between sessions?  That bit me so often.) as well as the active deck behaviour, but I persevered.  I am the proud father of a 10 minute uninterrupted mix, complete with flanger and echo effects and four whole songs!

Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold Remix) vs Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (mrlachatte's Acapella Edit)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (mrlachatte's Dirty Gwen Funker Intro Edit)
Blur - Song 2

Download Russian Attack Episode 1 here (10 minutes, 11MB, requires Winamp/OGG codecs to play)

I would appreciate if I got other peoples' opinions on this.  I only just realized that the non-chorus bits of Hollaback Girl aren't really in key with Rock You Body and there are a couple sections where the beats are a bit spotty but nothing too drastic, and the bass levels on Smells Like are too high.  I'm happy with how the transition between Smells and Song 2 went, but I did it better in practice a few times.  So please, comment.  Massacre my bandwidth.  Help me improve!
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Several unrelated spewings follow.

There was a large spider resting on the wall throughout the Tae Kwon Do lesson yesterday.  It freaked me out.

Serenity trailer.  I still need to watch the series, which is sitting on my hard drive and coming home to Canada on the plane (7 days), but it looks heaps good.

Max Barry's Syrup screenplay.  First, if you haven't read Max Barry (Syrup, Jennifer Government), do so now.  Second, if you haven't subscribed to Max Barry's email blog then do so now.  You should also have realized by now that this is the same Max Barry who created NationStates, and the point of all this hyperlinking leads back to the fact that Max(x) Barry is working steadily on a screenplay.  This is good news.

I'm DJing a set on MZX Radio at this moment.  I had 3 listeners at one point, it's all good trance tracks, and a couple wacko drum & bass pieces as well.

I'm really going to miss awesome older people like Lauren and Will when I leave.  They're 21 and 20 respectively, I spent 5 hours with Lauren today and I'll be with Will for several hours tomorrow, getting in last goodbyes.  Beef curry is also a really great lunch, by the way.

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