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The main character in Witness looks exactly like [ profile] sirotrax.  It was rather distracting.
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If Google was a real robot
The future of music composition (I want one)
Serenity, made from Lego
A touching film of a lawnmower that dared to dream big
Karate experts protecting cars.. what
When hackers got involved in world politics (and started a huge online war)
When everyday photos TURN EVIL - [ profile] tragic_jones definitely should take a look at this
Fear of Girls - For the few people who have not seen this still, watch it now.  Alternately hilarious and cringe-inducing.
The Parlor - In the same vein as the last, an absolutely ingenious and hilarious film.
What. Is. This. (Flimsy link!)
Oh Australia, what won't you watch on TV?
Multi-touch screen.  Coolest way to make music since the MidiGun.
The first actually transforming robot?

I remember a couple people asking how to hide their entire journal.  Here you go.

Johari trendfollower.
Nohari trendfollower.

So a month ago, sometime after I last posted, I saw the 1966 Batman movie.  It is the best movie ever.  Period.  It's so deliciously campy that a fun time was had by all who watched it.

I'll give you a hint about the upcoming Firefox 2 alphas.  There's a new tabbed browsing that pissed me off for a few days.  Each tab now has an individual close button, which means if you reach up to where the old tab close button use to be, and you have a bunch of tabs open, suddenly you're closing a completely different tab than you meant.  I'm past that now, however, and I've gotten used to the per-tab buttons, so it's not insurmountable.

The biggest news, however?  I had my 15 minute French oral presentation, in which I talked about the Algerian fight for independence from France, answered questions and shot the breeze by talking about Australia for 5 minutes.  All in completely spontaneous French.  Fun.

Even bigger news is that I finally ordered my turntables tonight, for $450 (including mixer and headphones).  I've got speakers to attach them to, and I'm pumped.  I should be getting it all on Friday if all goes well.
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This just in.  [ profile] quantum_p's pretty fun to talk to.  He rubs my ego in all the right ways.

I watched Natural City last night, a Korean sci-fi movie from 2003 that's like a cross between Equilibrium and Doom.  It's pretty good, I should suggest it for the Independent Film Club.  I watched half of Jarhead tonight, it's well done and I'm enjoying it.

This is a pretty good song.  This is a pretty good bed.

Ask [ profile] dr_dos about the man with three legs and two pairs of working genetalia who got married and had kids.  That sounds like that start of a joke, doesn't it?  Doesn't it?

I got this telegram on Nation States (yes I'm still playing even though you all left me alone with [ profile] aplsos and [ profile] quantum_p idiots):

The Black Hawks Ambassador of KriegerX
Received: 12 hours ago

Hello there my friend! I have a very special offer for you which will make your NS life a lot more entertaining and may even get you known in NS. If you are interested please reply.

I did not know that Nigerian businessmen played Nation States.
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Look, a new collection of links that I have been collecting over the past... 18 days? =O  I don't even remember most of these.

Office banter at Google
Snappy yet suave - personal blogging can actually be interesting!
Firefox - Doobie not included
The $225 Million Typo
I will live at home and never enter the workplace (ps support Max Barry's new initiative!)
Old news, but look! A Sam & Max comic!
Indie Tits (more indie than you!)
Scott Adams on embryos

In other news, Merry Christmas!  It's still Christmas for 20 more minutes, so shut up.  Since my last entry, I have seen Sin City, Pride and Prejudice and A Boy's Own Jedi Handbook.  The last was a stage production at Theatre and Company, and it absolutely rocks.  The characters are so wonderfully child-like, while the play itself is a great romp through memorized Star Wars lines.  Definitely something that [ profile] tragic_jones, [ profile] eljhika and [ profile] phyxius149 should go see.  Sin City was dynamite to my mind, and I can't stop watching it.  I've seen it at least 4 times now, and I can't get enough of Clive Owen's voice.

Finally, happy birthday [ profile] atrustheotaku!

Now, go forth and multiply.


Sep. 5th, 2005 10:34 pm
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We dropped Lukas, my brother, off at Conrad Grebel today, which is part of the University of Waterloo. He's still in the same city as us, 15 minutes away by bicycle, but it's like a little part of our family died. On the other hand, I'm an only child now.

I spent last night watching Firefly, I finished episode 3 ("Bushwhacked") at 2am, was feeling decidedly creeped out so I watched the fourth before going to bed at 3am. The first and second episodes were fantabulous, 3 was spooky and 4 was over the top. I watched 5 earlier today, and I enjoyed it, and 6 is going well as we speak.

I saw Transporter 2 with friends today, it was positively terrible. The good kind of terrible, however, the kind you can make fun of. It had some of the worst one-liners I've seen in ages:

"Didn't your mother ever teach you to say thank you?" (after a death-defying cop chase)
"She tried, but failed miserably."

and about 5 seconds later:

"So we've escaped?"
(police chopped appears in front of the car)
"Think again."
(anorexic girl in lingerie with machine guns destroys chopper)
"Thought over."

The best line in the movie was definitely when "Frank" sped his car under a private jet that was taking off, jumped onto the landing gear, climbed into the plane and broke the co-pilot's neck, before confronting the villain:

"I'm sorry, this plane trip is cancelled."
(Villain raises gun)
"I'm sorry, you are cancelled."

There was a ton of product placement as well, there were Heinekin bottles in the fridge, an iPod that was featured for 10 seconds, and this gem of a line:

"Doctor is busy. Sit, listen Panasonic. Is American rap music, is good!"

Transporter 2 had the most improbable action scenes I've ever seen (including Sahara, which ended with the entire Nigerian army chasing after the heroes, led by the president from his missile-firing helicopter), but the trump scene involved a car with a remote-controlled bomb, and Frank flipping the car over in mid-air so that a dock crane just happens to scrape the bomb off of the undercarriage before it blows (the bomb, not the movie.)

All in all, a fun time. It was surprisingly missing any gratuitous sex scenes though, that's something the producers may want to consider for Transporter 3.
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Strange Banana

How awesome is a random web designer?  It actually produces some pretty elegant designs, sometimes.

I had a bunch of emotional goodbyes yesterday, got a cricket bat signed by the youth group and a heap of silly string in my hair.  I was quite productive with PHP from 12:30 am to 3:40 am, I ruined this classic scene's soundtrack but nobody seems to have paid any attention to it :(

Yeah, tons of stuff has happened and I can't remember any of it.  I rock.
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Several unrelated spewings follow.

There was a large spider resting on the wall throughout the Tae Kwon Do lesson yesterday.  It freaked me out.

Serenity trailer.  I still need to watch the series, which is sitting on my hard drive and coming home to Canada on the plane (7 days), but it looks heaps good.

Max Barry's Syrup screenplay.  First, if you haven't read Max Barry (Syrup, Jennifer Government), do so now.  Second, if you haven't subscribed to Max Barry's email blog then do so now.  You should also have realized by now that this is the same Max Barry who created NationStates, and the point of all this hyperlinking leads back to the fact that Max(x) Barry is working steadily on a screenplay.  This is good news.

I'm DJing a set on MZX Radio at this moment.  I had 3 listeners at one point, it's all good trance tracks, and a couple wacko drum & bass pieces as well.

I'm really going to miss awesome older people like Lauren and Will when I leave.  They're 21 and 20 respectively, I spent 5 hours with Lauren today and I'll be with Will for several hours tomorrow, getting in last goodbyes.  Beef curry is also a really great lunch, by the way.


Jul. 22nd, 2005 02:45 am
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Galah Cha Cha (960 kB)

Titanic Improved (~1.5 mB)

The first movie I took at Blackbutt in October, noticed the movements, thought "that would go well with a song!" and promptly forgot about it.  It syncs up creepily well, in the end.  That is a funky galah.

The second is for a somethingawful thread where the point is to ruin movies by changing the soundtrack.  You'll see what I mean.

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