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Tonight's mashup:

Mike Foyle - Love Theme Dream (Airbase vs. Martin Luther King Jr. Mix) (~6 minutes, OGG, ~6MB)

And hot off the internet presses:

(¯`·._.·[Rebecca] says:
    are you goin away anywhere?
(¯`·._.·[Rebecca] says:
    i'll do anything
(¯`·._.·[Rebecca] says:
    that wasn't for you
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The punchline to this commercial will hit you below the belt
Why can't I play Warcraft III on my tabletop :(
Google provides answers to questions that everyone asks

I snapped and I'm now an administrator on my local machine.  It started with trying to install Shareaza, and coming up against a brick wall because it wouldn't let me change any of the settings as a non-administrator.  That's right, you have to run a filesharing program as an administrator.  I can't think of a better way to screw up my computer.  Then I saw an interesting article about a program called Sudo for Windows, which looked like it would be very useful.  You can run programs, shortcuts, control panels and more with elevated privileges, and it also gave you the ability to open a temporary higher priveleged explorer shell, from which you could return to your normal shell at any time.  Unfortunately, after I installed it, I discovered that it seemed to require a freaking admin account in order to work properly.  Oh irony, you practical joker.  I finally gave up the ghost and I'm running as administrator again.  Maybe Vista will improve on the experience when it comes out.

In completely unrelated news, I'm pumped right now.  I spent about 4 hours in front of djDecks this afternoon, trying to record a mix.  In the process, I became thoroughly frustrated by the buggy keybinding system (seriously, can it even recall any custom bindings between sessions?  That bit me so often.) as well as the active deck behaviour, but I persevered.  I am the proud father of a 10 minute uninterrupted mix, complete with flanger and echo effects and four whole songs!

Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold Remix) vs Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (mrlachatte's Acapella Edit)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (mrlachatte's Dirty Gwen Funker Intro Edit)
Blur - Song 2

Download Russian Attack Episode 1 here (10 minutes, 11MB, requires Winamp/OGG codecs to play)

I would appreciate if I got other peoples' opinions on this.  I only just realized that the non-chorus bits of Hollaback Girl aren't really in key with Rock You Body and there are a couple sections where the beats are a bit spotty but nothing too drastic, and the bass levels on Smells Like are too high.  I'm happy with how the transition between Smells and Song 2 went, but I did it better in practice a few times.  So please, comment.  Massacre my bandwidth.  Help me improve!


Jun. 14th, 2006 12:10 am
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So I came up with a cool idea for a 15 minute mashup mix.  The tracklist would be as follows:

1. Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Personal Edit) vs. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Acapella)
2. Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body (Oakenfold Mix)
3. Fischerspooner - Emerge (Junkie XL Mix)
4. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nick Warren House Mix)

Unfortunately, Queen is simply far too slow for every other song in the list (except the acapella).  Speeding it up to match the others would be an option except that Gwen Stefani already sounds kind of unnatural even when she's at the correct pitch.  I'm going to need to play with this, or else find some other bass heavy song to go behind Hollaback Girl that I can sample small instrumental clips from.

And it looks like it's not the vinyl control in djDecks that's causing the skipping.  If I switch to DirectSound instead of the ASIO drivers then there's no skipping at all, but the minute I turn the ASIO back on then my mixes sound like a toddler with muscle spasms is at the controls.  This is not good >:(  I also can't change the ASIO buffer latency, it simply refuses to switch from 50ms.  I wonder if I need to reinstall my Audigy2 drivers?


May. 14th, 2006 01:50 am
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I was struck by a creative bolt of lightning, so I pounded out a tune in FLStudio for Mother's Day instead of buying a card.

This was the result.
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I just put in a smooth hour of non-stop mixing on my turntables.  I am feeling good about myself.
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This is the kind of musical performance that Flimsy would put on

Also, from the 2005 Ig Nobel Prizes:

LITERATURE: The Internet entrepreneurs of Nigeria, for creating and then using e-mail to distribute a bold series of short stories, thus introducing millions of readers to a cast of rich characters -- General Sani Abacha, Mrs. Mariam Sanni Abacha, Barrister Jon A Mbeki Esq., and others -- each of whom requires just a small amount of expense money so as to obtain access to the great wealth to which they are entitled and which they would like to share with the kind person who assists them.

And finally, the night's big update:

One turntable is hooked into my soundcard and DJDecks picks up the Serato Scratch vinyl on it just fine.  I played one of Martin Luther King's speeches (from an mp3) over top of a house beat (another mp3) and scratched the vocals using my turntable.  My mind was suitably blown.  DJDecks is going to be the first program I buy in (at least) 5 years.
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I am trying to hook up my turntables to my soundcard and route that to my mixer and THAT output to my speakers.  I forgot the volume was all the way up and I jumped a foot when Windows logged in.
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Playing 'Not Be Shaken' with the Praise Band at my church totally makes me smile.  Normally when I'm banging on my djembe I look like this:


But when the chorus of 'Not Be Shaken' gets going, I turn into this:

\m/ ^_____^ \m/

And finally, for people who have some idea of what the terms AJAX and Web 2.0 mean.
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Today I played with my turntables for the first time.  I haven't worked up the nerve to spend $90 on two phono pre-amps yet, so Mum gave me her Cold Cathedral vinyl (some 70s praise album) and Disneyland Tunes From Around The World (featuring the Mouseketeers!)  I'm getting better at using vinyl, all I need now is two albums I can actually mix together =\

Somebody explain to me why grade 9 girls are so raunchy?  I don't remember being so... single-minded when I was in grade 9 :<

Finally, I found this video by accident and it's a great remix of a great song with a great music video.
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If Google was a real robot
The future of music composition (I want one)
Serenity, made from Lego
A touching film of a lawnmower that dared to dream big
Karate experts protecting cars.. what
When hackers got involved in world politics (and started a huge online war)
When everyday photos TURN EVIL - [ profile] tragic_jones definitely should take a look at this
Fear of Girls - For the few people who have not seen this still, watch it now.  Alternately hilarious and cringe-inducing.
The Parlor - In the same vein as the last, an absolutely ingenious and hilarious film.
What. Is. This. (Flimsy link!)
Oh Australia, what won't you watch on TV?
Multi-touch screen.  Coolest way to make music since the MidiGun.
The first actually transforming robot?

I remember a couple people asking how to hide their entire journal.  Here you go.

Johari trendfollower.
Nohari trendfollower.

So a month ago, sometime after I last posted, I saw the 1966 Batman movie.  It is the best movie ever.  Period.  It's so deliciously campy that a fun time was had by all who watched it.

I'll give you a hint about the upcoming Firefox 2 alphas.  There's a new tabbed browsing that pissed me off for a few days.  Each tab now has an individual close button, which means if you reach up to where the old tab close button use to be, and you have a bunch of tabs open, suddenly you're closing a completely different tab than you meant.  I'm past that now, however, and I've gotten used to the per-tab buttons, so it's not insurmountable.

The biggest news, however?  I had my 15 minute French oral presentation, in which I talked about the Algerian fight for independence from France, answered questions and shot the breeze by talking about Australia for 5 minutes.  All in completely spontaneous French.  Fun.

Even bigger news is that I finally ordered my turntables tonight, for $450 (including mixer and headphones).  I've got speakers to attach them to, and I'm pumped.  I should be getting it all on Friday if all goes well.

Take that!

Jan. 3rd, 2006 10:07 pm
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So, I finally beat the problem I have of never finishing anything.  No, really, I can think of maybe two projects I've started which have actually reached completion in the past several years.  In two days, however, I managed to crank out this 5:53 remix of a song I've never heard before.

Conjure One - Face the Music (Revvy's Near Future Mix)


The only completely original part is the percussion, which I made by slicing up the drum loops of the original song.  The strings, piano, vocals, bassline, guitar, etc. are all samples of the original, except in completely new arrangements.  I listened to Face the Music after I finished the song, and they sound incredibly different.  I like my version more, personally ;)

This all came out of a remix competition on, which is for users of ACID or ACID Express only.  Still, they provide a 198mb sample pack with an ACID project file, so I just ditched the project and opened the rest in FL Studio.  The plus side of this is that I now have a much better grasp of the program, and I even tried my hand at some basic mastering.

Anyways, I'd love to hear about anything that works/doesn't work in the track, and any general feelings about it.  Recommended listening position: head back, eyes closed.  I'm not quite sure what style this is, but it's only 125 BPM and it's pretty laid back for some parts.


Nov. 24th, 2005 12:28 am
mrlachatte: (Default) - More on this later - This man travels. And he dances. And it's actually funny! Who doesn't want to dance on top of Kilamanjaro? - This is a celebrity recasting of Harry Potter. Oh the horror. - This is a hip new website statistics analyzer which looks pretty awesome.

Ok, American Edit. It's Greenday's American Idiot album, but mashed up multiple times to create this genius piece of work. My personal favourites are Dr. Who on Holiday (Holiday mashed up with the Dr Who theme!) and Boulevard of Broken Songs (Dance Mix '05).  The normal Boulevard of Broken Songs is pretty good too, but the dance mix actually sounds really awesome and funny at the same time.  And that's enough on that subject.

Today, I decided I'd play some music over the school radio station at lunch.  I usually don't, I detest running radio shows because they suck, but nobody showed up for theirs today and I had no homework to complete.  So, I sat down and grabbed a random CD and played a random track, so far so good.  But sitting waiting for songs to finish kind of sucks, so I looked for something else to do.  My gaze fell upon the pitch sliders on the CD decks, which I've played before but never seriously done anything with.  I grabbed another random CD, chose a random track, turned off broadcasting on the second CD deck and began fiddling.  30 seconds later, I had the beats matched.  Now, I actually started to listen to what I had playing.  From the left side, the melodic strains of The Darkness.  On the right, the Guess Who (some song about Saskatchewan).  On the spot, I decided to make the 30 minutes of lunch remaining a lunch hour of pain, putting on the most bizarre and hated tracks possible and mixing them all together.  For the rest of lunch, my playlist flowed from The Guess Who to the Hamster Dance to the Cartoons (Witch Doctor is my signature track whenever I play music now!) to Jessica Simpson to Paul Oakenfold to Dancing in the Key of Love - there was no stopping me!  I was tearing up the decks, putting on the wildest combinations and getting it near perfect every time!

You know what the best part is?  Nobody in the caf even noticed.  Most people would be discouraged by that.  But not I!  The key to good mixing is that it shouldn't be noticeable.  If you're specifically listening for it then yeah, you should be relatively impressed when one song fades to another and the beat doesn't even skip.  But if it's casual listening?  Never, ever should you be aware that the song is changing.  That means the person mixing isn't doing it right.

In conclusion, this is why I want turntables.  Which I cannot get until February, now.  My parents weren't willing to loan me $700 at this point in time.  How rotten can you get?


Aug. 3rd, 2005 02:25 am
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Coding to XColX's tracks is one of the best ways spend a couple of hours in the early morning.  I highly recommend picking up Live At Stokesly School, a really great 20 minute gig he did, Drifting Apart, a beautifully melodical and rhythmic piece, and his Fix You remix, a really great redoing of the new Coldplay track.  They're all trance/melodic trance/house-ish tracks, quite bouncy and energetic and a lot of fun to listen to.

In other news, I'm chugging away at the Survivor: MZX page, I like the interface I'm designing a lot.  I'm also having fun with DHTML, which nobody but [ profile] rossman231 will ever see ^_^  All in all, the page should be ready with time to spare before the competition, and hopefully prove worth the effort I'm expending on it.

Oh yeah, there was a greasemonkeyed IRC discussion, which I logged and [ profile] atrustheotaku kindly HTML-ified and mirrored. Some good ideas there, I like the direction that the greasemonkey community is moving in, with casual editing/fixing of other people's scripts combined with a meaningful trust system. The end result for the user, ideally, will allow access to any version of a script, with notices of how trustworthy it is (has/hasn't been approved by admin, has been reviewed by "elite" people, etc). Sounds good to me!

In case you don't know, there's a greasemonkey 0.5 beta out finally, and it's wonderful. Pick it up, go to (soon to be and begin fixing the web, one page at a time.

Evelate me

Jul. 26th, 2005 12:47 am
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This song is a really good mix.  For some reason in the past two days I've been on soulseek non-stop, picking up a bunch of remixes of tracks that I have.  I grabbed a colleciton of U2 mixes, there's several good ones, and this is definitely my favourite.  The dangers of having 4GB suddenly available, raw and waiting for me.  I'm anticipating the finish of U2 - Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Mix), as well.

I was talking to XColX today, discussing a bunch of music stuff, and I think I'll try to remix a song I like instead of starting from scratch the next time I sit down in FLStudio/Buzz.  I don't have the sustained creativity necessary to do more than 10 seconds of a song right now, and working within another song would help me along, I think.  I'm also thinking about picking up a really cheap MIDI keyboard for my composing.  I think one of my biggest stumbling blocks is the time it takes to input notes.  I take so long fiddling in Buzz's tracker interface with the weirded-out keyboard layout, and FLStudio's mouse-based one is just plain slow.  A keyboard would let me do chords really easily, I think I'm going to investigate the possibility of buying something cheap.

I'm looking for an acapella version of Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun now.  I wonder if it's out there...
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Our band played, the morning performance was really good and the afternoon one not so hot, netting us third place out of three bands in our division. Woo.

I finally have the main game loop in the ball thingie <100 lines, I discovered why the clients weren't handling other client disconnections properly, and added in fallback in case the server stops responding. There are no memory leaks, my next step is to add packet joining for those split ones, and then I'll try to optimize the netcode by only sending changes in position, instead of sending the position regardless.

Oh horror

Jun. 11th, 2005 11:40 pm
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It's true, I did screw up my input system rather badly. Who'd've thought that SDL keysyms mapped perfectly to the ascii character set? Not I!

I've got a tendancy to overcomplicate things, and this is a prime example. I had this clunky system of KEY_ enumerations which mapped to the SDL symbols like so: KEY_c - KEY_a + 'a'. Unfortunately, that only worked for letters, so of course I wrote a whole seperate macro for numbers. Then there was punctuation, where I couldn't even think of a way to make it work so I did it all manually. Now all of that is replaced with code about 1/5 of the total size, which actually includes every key I want as well. At least it ended well!

1:18 AM ninja edit: Shift is also working perfectly now, I just had to define a bunch of special conversions that toupper() doesn't handle (for non-alphabet characters). Chatting seems to be complete for the moment. On to the next feature!

East Coast Band Championships begin in 8 hours, and the Lake Macquarrie Concert Band will be there. I will finally have four lovely, $10,000+ timpanis from the Conservatory to play with, instead of the two crapboxes I have to use at band practice. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.
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That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled broadcasting.

Actually I lied, I had band practice today with another conductor who was really strict and stuff. The best part of the evening was when he screamed "DON'T YOU DARE SLUR TONGUED NOTES! I WILL CUT OUT YOUR TONGUE AND BARBECUE IT IF YOU DO! IF THIS WERE CHURCH, YOU WOULD BE EXCOMMUNICATED!"

It was kind of boring otherwise, because I play all the right notes and the regular conductor only tells me to be louder usually because I'm like the only quiet percussionist in the world.

I finally updated my deviantart account and my messagebox is now squeaky-clean.

And the civics final is tomorrow today, and I don't think I've even reviewed every unit yet. Screw that, it's Civics! If I pass, then I'm done!

Apparently I won't be getting my driver's license when I get home, they're upping the age limit to 18 unless you've already begun in September. I miss it by 3 months ;_;

One of my co-workers at Blackbutt talked about her time there, she was nearly disembowled by an Emu once, luckily the ranger brought it down with a broom and they ran away. Another guy who's been there 30 years said that vandals stole a picnic table once, along with all the power tools and his chocolate stash. The next day, while he was having lunch outside to let the Forensic people do their thing, a kookaburra stole his breadroll.

Ah, life.
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LiveJournal Username
Your Ninja Name
What's your clan name?
Your best sword-wielder is eowyn_88
Your best shuriken thrower dr_dos
Your best kunai thrower monthigos
The one with the mystic powers boonob
Their mystic powers are Fire-breathing
Your mortal enemy is eowyn_88
Of the clan Red Ninjas
You beat them, right? False
This Fun Quiz created by Jae at BlogQuiz.Net

Tee hee hee, how appropriate that Alyssa's the sword fighter...

I just got back from a band concert. We played pretty poorly, nobody seemed to know what they were doing and we only sounded marginally better than the rest of the program (grade 1-6 school bands!) The hardest song, Oregon by Jacob de Haan, started off the best, then our drummer got 8 bars ahead. That's bad, because Oregon is divided up into 8 bar sections, therefore for almost the rest of the song he was playing the wrong rhythm (fast, driving beat in the slow and moving bit.) This put off the rest of the band, and we only formed back together haflway through when there's a really obvious, exciting bit that I started off really loud in and quieted down as more people started playing again. I won't say it turned out Ok, because it didn't, but we hung in there. I guess. Only two more performances to go!

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