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A testament to the awesomeness of stop motion

Today was my 17th birthday.  I got the paperback version of Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan, my own Go board (the deluxe edition, no less!), a promise from my brother to register me a copy of djDecks, a "Code Hero" shirt and a bit more than $150 in cash.  The harvest is good!

I also composed a song for my Dad, whose birthday it also happens to be.
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I went to the free Oktoberfest opening pancake and sausage breakfast this morning.  I have never seen so much Aunt Jemima maple syrup in one place.

Also, somebody had spraypainted "Oktokerfest" on the wall of a nearby warehouse during the night.
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Almost every single binary search in existence is broken.

Saturday I figured out how to use Bazaar, and I love it.  Offline commits, public branches, history merging; it's all really awesome.  I also spent some time thinking about my abandoned Magic: The Gathering project, and mocked up a much improved interface for how the game would work.  It involves more than two people, too!

I also spent some time refactoring my level editor; in fact, it's so refactored that I am in the multi-million compile error phase.  The new design will be ultimately more beneficial than the global variable soup I was previously hacking in, but until then every single file is screaming as I try to make OOP out of soup.

I'm finally finished with the aftermath of reformatting my computer, too, and I'm giving the least user access principles thingie a go.  It's weird not running an administrator account 24/7 now, and I've finally created a set of batch files that allow me to bypass the rediculous Microsoft runas program.  Instead of going:

runas /env /user:administrator "[path to executable]"

and then typing in the password, then waiting for 30 seconds for the program to start (if I typed in the password correctly), I have finally created this simple system:

sudo [path to executable]

and it runs under the administrator account.  Just like that.  I'm also pleased with the scripting I used to make MSI packages install properly, as runas doesn't do anything but run executables, it seems.  This is the contents of sudo_msi.bat:

@echo msiexec.exe /i %* | sed -e 's/"/\\\"/g' - > c:\systools\msitemp & set /P msitemp= <c:\systools\msitemp
cpau_real -u administrator -p [password] -lwp -ex "%msitemp%"

In the process of creating this, I learned how to use grep, sed, and I learned more about how the Windows 'set' command works then I ever wanted to know.  Anyways, the point is that being a non-administrator account is a lot easier, finally, and I can now relax and enjoy my computer spontaneously rebooting on me whenever I open uTorrent.  Power supply failure, anyone?


May. 30th, 2006 12:04 am
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So it was higher than 30°C, with a humidex pushing it past 40 today.  Calculus was in a portable and it was ghastly, then there was a fire drill later.  I came home and fell asleep at the dinner table, then woke up at 9:30pm feeling really gross because it was still really warm out.  I'm pretty sure this is my body complaining about the past year of lack of sleep!

Also I tried mixing some tunes for half an hour, but djDecks kept skipping every time I got the songs lined up.  That was depressing.

Fun with botnets

Let your computer make scrapbooks better than you ever could
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Playing 'Not Be Shaken' with the Praise Band at my church totally makes me smile.  Normally when I'm banging on my djembe I look like this:


But when the chorus of 'Not Be Shaken' gets going, I turn into this:

\m/ ^_____^ \m/

And finally, for people who have some idea of what the terms AJAX and Web 2.0 mean.
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Today I played with my turntables for the first time.  I haven't worked up the nerve to spend $90 on two phono pre-amps yet, so Mum gave me her Cold Cathedral vinyl (some 70s praise album) and Disneyland Tunes From Around The World (featuring the Mouseketeers!)  I'm getting better at using vinyl, all I need now is two albums I can actually mix together =\

Somebody explain to me why grade 9 girls are so raunchy?  I don't remember being so... single-minded when I was in grade 9 :&lt;

Finally, I found this video by accident and it's a great remix of a great song with a great music video.

Woop woop!

Mar. 23rd, 2006 05:53 am
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I'm in the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge. There's free internet access, complementary drinks and snacks (like, really good bags of chips and cheese and fruit and mmmm) comfortable chairs, every newspaper ever published in the world, TV, and two Playstation consoles! This is kind of surreal. Oh yeah, there's beds, too. I need to do this more often.

By the way, XColX and emalkay are super fellows!


Mar. 6th, 2006 11:42 pm
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Vikings are the most metal creatures you'll ever meet.

Well, I'm leaving for England tomorrow evening.  I'll probably be out of touch until I get back on the 24th, but you never know.  For those interested in keeping MZX Radio alive, here's the bot you'll need.  It's not hard to figure out, look at  Source is included if you feel masochistic.  I'll be busy taking pictures of dreaming Oxford spires and meeting up with emalkay and XColX to care!

Enjoy yourselves!
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Anyone have two phono preamps laying around?


I give you

MMO Pong

Tell me, do you hate your teammates yet?

ps ripped from [ profile] aderack because it needs sharing.
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This article makes absolutely no sense. I thoroughly expect to see a Flimsy Parkins entry about it.
This parody makes me sick because it's so true.  And it's timed impeccably to cool music as well.

I am sick sick sick.  I went to a friend's house the other evening, and we had fun creating an awesome rap song.  At 2am, I realized that I was shivering, had a horrific fever and could barely swallow.  Curiously, an hour of Battlefield 2 didn't clear that up.  After giving up on Taxi 2 which was the only thing on at 3:30 am, I finally fell asleep, only to awake at 6:00 am with my pillow missing.  The next 30 minutes were filled by me hallucinating elaborate conspiracy theories about where my pillow had disappeared to (first my friend had taken it, then his parents had removed it in revenge for me eating half a cake, but it finally turned out that a police squad had rappelled through a non-existant cathedral rose window and confiscated my pillow for evidence).  I eventually found it and returned to my slumbering, only to wake two hours later, return home and sleep until 3 pm.  I stayed home from school today, and tomorrow I have band practice (6:30 am), a Calculus test and the Canadian Computer Competition all afternoon.

We'll see if I make it until tomorrow night.
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I am going to be a camp counsellor in July and August.  This is good news.  It is also a job.

I got 2.5 hours of sleep last night preparing for a Theory of Knowledge presentation.  Needless to say, our presentation was delayed.  Until Tuesday.  So angry.

A new Virgin Airlines commercial that hits the sweet spot.
The largest Windows Error message.
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Awesome, awesome commercial. It totally associates the product with the coolness factor in the viewer's mind, and commercials don't get better than that.

Semi-formal last night was lots of fun, definitely the best dance I've been to so far.  Turns out I know the DJ, he sold me my turntables and let me check out the equipment he was using last night.

Speaking of turntables, they arrived!  They're all set up in my den right now, the only thing I'm missing is a power bar now :(  I've also ordered two special Rayne Vinyl, which should come on Wednesday and HOPEFULLY let me DJ straight from my mp3 collection.  Until then, assuming I can drop by Staples tomorrow, I'll play around with my parents' vinyl collection (Dave Brubeck quartet :O)
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This just in.  [ profile] quantum_p's pretty fun to talk to.  He rubs my ego in all the right ways.

I watched Natural City last night, a Korean sci-fi movie from 2003 that's like a cross between Equilibrium and Doom.  It's pretty good, I should suggest it for the Independent Film Club.  I watched half of Jarhead tonight, it's well done and I'm enjoying it.

This is a pretty good song.  This is a pretty good bed.

Ask [ profile] dr_dos about the man with three legs and two pairs of working genetalia who got married and had kids.  That sounds like that start of a joke, doesn't it?  Doesn't it?

I got this telegram on Nation States (yes I'm still playing even though you all left me alone with [ profile] aplsos and [ profile] quantum_p idiots):

The Black Hawks Ambassador of KriegerX
Received: 12 hours ago

Hello there my friend! I have a very special offer for you which will make your NS life a lot more entertaining and may even get you known in NS. If you are interested please reply.

I did not know that Nigerian businessmen played Nation States.


Jan. 14th, 2006 01:04 am
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Aaaaaaaah.  [ profile] freestylerfunk linked this article.  Remember my post about how much time I spend doing stupid stuff?  Looks like I've been diagnosed.  It all fits so well :(  It takes a lot of effort to get me to sit down in one place and read a book for several hours; I used to do that at least once a day.  I started on two different film ideas sometime during Christmas break, and I was quite proud that I cranked out 6 pages in 3 hours of concentrated, meaningful work!  I really don't want to be like this, but I don't know how to break it.  I'm obsessed with reading things online, all the time.  Help :(

Now, about the mini anxiety attack that I mentioned.  See, I had this English poetry analysis presentation (15 minutes, no interruptions) on Thursday which was worth 15% of my total International Baccalaureate mark (although probably more in my case, because I'm only taking two IB courses!)  So, naturally, I spent this week preparing for it.  Unfortunately, I also had a culminating activity in Psych due Friday, and a Chemistry test on Friday as well, and therefore I spent virtually no time working on them.  On top of that, there's a French verbs test (100+ verbs, I believe!) and a Psych test on Monday, the second part of the Psych culminating activity due Tuesday and it turns out that the only Theory of Knowledge test for the entire year is scheduled for next Thursday.

Add into this mix the fact that I haven't gone to bed before 1:30am at all during this past week, and you can probably see where I'm going with this.  Wednesday evening I ran through my English presentation about 6 times, finally concluding around 2:00am that I'd done as much as I could, and I was pretty confident that everything would go smoothly.  Cut to next morning as I leave the house feeling ill, exhausted and worked up over the upcoming presentation.  I spent first period staring blankly at my work for the Psych culminating activity, coming up with every conceivable situation in which I could completely screw up the poetry analysis presentation because I suddenly didn't believe I was ready at all.  With this terrible feeling in me I went and asked the English teacher for an extension because I was afraid I'd blow it all even though I had everything planned out.  For some reason he gave it to me!  My spirits lifted and by lunchtime I felt normal again.

The only other interesting thing that happened was me going to bed at 3:15am Friday morning after finishing part 1 of the Psych culminating activity which was due in 5 hours!  I slept for 2.5 hours and left for band, and took a Chemistry test last period that actually seemed to go really well!

Yeah, I don't want to pull anything like this week again.  Night all.

PS. I should reinstall Firefox more often, I just fixed a bunch of the buggy behaviours that kept rearing their heads.  Suddenly the program loads in a relatively speedy fashion!


Jan. 13th, 2006 01:03 am
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Oh hell.  I have to get up for band in 4 and a bit hours.  And I'm still not done with my Psychology culminating activity.

Oh yeah, I had something like a mini anxiety attack yesterday morning in Psychology.  More on that when I'm not falling asleep at the keyboard.


except with less haaaaaa and more staring at the blank piece of paper in front of me for 40 minutes without moving.  No thrashing around or sobbing for me, no sirree!

Oh my :O

Jan. 9th, 2006 11:45 pm
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It's 11:42 PM and I am about to go to bed.  That's the first time I've been to bed before midnight in weeks.  Months, even!  I even did my chemistry homework for once!

In unrelated news, my mum and I are planning to travel to England during March break and an extra week before and after.  If all goes well, I shall hopefully be meeting up with emalkay, XColX and ShloobeR.  I will also be retracing my steps of 1998/1999 around Oxford, Kennilworth, Hay-on-Wye and Cambridge.  This should be a lot of fun!
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Look, a new collection of links that I have been collecting over the past... 18 days? =O  I don't even remember most of these.

Office banter at Google
Snappy yet suave - personal blogging can actually be interesting!
Firefox - Doobie not included
The $225 Million Typo
I will live at home and never enter the workplace (ps support Max Barry's new initiative!)
Old news, but look! A Sam & Max comic!
Indie Tits (more indie than you!)
Scott Adams on embryos

In other news, Merry Christmas!  It's still Christmas for 20 more minutes, so shut up.  Since my last entry, I have seen Sin City, Pride and Prejudice and A Boy's Own Jedi Handbook.  The last was a stage production at Theatre and Company, and it absolutely rocks.  The characters are so wonderfully child-like, while the play itself is a great romp through memorized Star Wars lines.  Definitely something that [ profile] tragic_jones, [ profile] eljhika and [ profile] phyxius149 should go see.  Sin City was dynamite to my mind, and I can't stop watching it.  I've seen it at least 4 times now, and I can't get enough of Clive Owen's voice.

Finally, happy birthday [ profile] atrustheotaku!

Now, go forth and multiply.
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So, it's 5:30pm.  My parents left after school yesterday to go away for a night, and they were coming back today.  I'm almost positive they said they were returning while I was at school.

There are no messages on the answering machine.

I'm going back to school in 30 minutes to help out at the open house.


PS. My bizzarre heart problem just decided to surface after several months of being dormant. My completely informed and professional diagnosis is that my lungs start pushing my heart into my ribs for some reason when I inhale, so I can only inhale a little bit before I get this big pain in the vicinity of my heart. I can feel my heart pulsing really strong if I put my hand over that area, then if I exhale it goes back to normal. This keeps happening until I summon the courage to keep breathing in past the pain and suddenly it's like something slips and I'm back to normal. This never happens while I'm getting my yearly checkup, of course.

EDIT: They're home!
mrlachatte: (Default) - An interesting and informative piece about bugs in products that require actual effort to be put into fixing them  (Windows would be an excellent example) - Uh it's pretty obvious - Hilarious airport security playmobile set - A terrifying Japanese game show that is somewhere between comedy and a serious show (according to my friend who lived in Japan for a year, and her Japanese friend)

As always, first come the requisite links.  Next, I regret to inform you that it is (was) my 16th birthday today (yesterday) and I only received two cards.  Or three cards.  Something like that, at least.

I'm now $150 closer to my goal of turntables, however, and one Ragdoll Kung Fu richer.  I had a birthday sleepover party (here's a tip: the Doom movie blows even more than you could possibly imagine.  And it's not the good kind of blowing).  I got a DJ Shadow CD and two blocks of fudge, which was neat, and one of those awesome winter hats with tassles from my parents (in addition to money towards my future turntables).  We then went out for Indian food and the latest Harry Potter, which was somewhat... whelming.  It's weird, I feel strangely ambivalent towards it.  It was a well done movie, kind of like steak is well done.  It can be good or bad, but it was definitely done.

And now my thoroughly diminished birthday is over.  I got to spend a few hours at the arcade on my parent's money with my friends, and my calves hurt from DDR.  Drum Mania was a lot of fun as well, but it's hard to do properly with a busted hi-hat.  The best game in the world, however, it Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ.  Any game that features black men with afros that grow according to how well you mash buttons in a rhythm wins in my book.
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Cinepaint looks like a really awesome tool for movie editing, and apparently it's actually used by some commercial studios!  The only downside is that it's broken on Win32 right now, but that's what VMWare is for!

I'm also kind of depressed.  My parents are upstairs arguing about strategies revolving around church politics.  You'd think that church would be the one place where there'd be a far greater emphasis on togetherness, but there's that same sense of constant manuvering to achieve a personal agenda.

It's a shame that it's the same way at school as well.  Our school is stuck with a program that nobody cares about (not even the teachers) called "Character Counts at Cameron Heights."  It's about getting Principal Kemple a job at the board office emphasizing good values in our school, and it now takes up all the P.D. (P.A.?) days for the teachers, and there's even a committee that supposedly does stuff about it!  Currently they've put up street signs all through the school (Honesty Ave., Rue Respect) and commissioned me to produce a radio ad for them (written instructions, not even a teacher to come in and work alongside me).

The point is, politics suck.  This ties in nicely with my recent seminar for English on how Isabel Allende (daughter of the Chilean deposed president) portrays politics in her novel The House of the Spirits - specifically, they suck.  The book itself is quite good, if you ignore Allende's strange predilection towards introducing a new sexual deviancy in every chapter.  Apparently the next book we're reading, 100 Years of Solitude, doesn't involve a lot of (physical) solitude but does involve a truckload of bizarre sexual encounters!  Oh joy!

Every lead I had on buying decently-priced turntables has now dried up.  Looks like I might be looking at $500 for the Stanton DJLab (not my first choice, but what can I do?) and Final Scratch (somewhere in the range of $800!)  Luckily, my parents seem receptive to the idea of spreading FS out among my relatives for my birthday next month.  Until then, I must sadly make do with Traktor DJ Studio and dream of rubbing my fingers gently over the smooth contours of a Technics SL-1200MK5.  I would drop the needle on it, while it spins slowly round, gradually increasing as I up the pitch slider until we're both moving in rhythm, and we're both dripping sweat everywhere.  Except that everyone knows that turntables don't sweat, they glow.  Kind of like girls, except that one I have the chance of buying, and the other is completely beyond my reach.  And I can get turntables in a pair :)

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