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For anybody who has an idea what Theatre and Company is:

Go.  See.  BarefootInThePark.


Seriously, it's one of the best plays I've seen in ages.  It ends tomorrow, it's got rave reviews and it's totally worth it.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a consolation link:

The Chrono Trigger Mix Tape

Some crazy fellow mashep up hiphop acapellas and the Chrono Trigger soundtrack.  The result is intriguing and even brilliant at times (Milkshake and 1,2Step are my favourites!)  Make sure you get the version without DJ Epoch, because the voiceovers are a bit too obnoxious to be appreciated properly.
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Look, a new collection of links that I have been collecting over the past... 18 days? =O  I don't even remember most of these.

Office banter at Google
Snappy yet suave - personal blogging can actually be interesting!
Firefox - Doobie not included
The $225 Million Typo
I will live at home and never enter the workplace (ps support Max Barry's new initiative!)
Old news, but look! A Sam & Max comic!
Indie Tits (more indie than you!)
Scott Adams on embryos

In other news, Merry Christmas!  It's still Christmas for 20 more minutes, so shut up.  Since my last entry, I have seen Sin City, Pride and Prejudice and A Boy's Own Jedi Handbook.  The last was a stage production at Theatre and Company, and it absolutely rocks.  The characters are so wonderfully child-like, while the play itself is a great romp through memorized Star Wars lines.  Definitely something that [ profile] tragic_jones, [ profile] eljhika and [ profile] phyxius149 should go see.  Sin City was dynamite to my mind, and I can't stop watching it.  I've seen it at least 4 times now, and I can't get enough of Clive Owen's voice.

Finally, happy birthday [ profile] atrustheotaku!

Now, go forth and multiply.
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I just saw this link on the hlcoders list.  There's a big discussion/argument/troll war about how Valve's a bad company and Steam is a terrible product etc.  I'm just glad that I can keep playing Half-Life 2 after they fixed the show-stopping bugs for many people :)

I went and saw The Tempest at Stratford today with my english class.  It was ok, nothing too special in my opinion.  The masque came off as one of the best parts of the show, surprisingly considering that most productions take it out completely.  I ate at the York Street Kitchen for the first time since coming home, and ohhhhh was it good.  Think of the best sandwich that you've ever had, then double the fillings, add a bunch more fillings, make the bread gooey because there's so much sauce, and you have a York Street Kitchen sandwich.  You pay for the privilege, but it's the best part of going to Stratford.

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