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Boom. We flew in a couple days ago (13 hours split between Fiji->Honalulu and Honalulu->Vancouver, then 3 hours driving to Seattle), we're spending 3 days staying with my grandma before finally heading home (another 4 hour plane trip to Toronto, I believe?) First meal in Canada? Tim Horton's chili combo with a Boston Cream donut. It was weird to hear all the flat accents in the airport, and see every sign in two languages. I haven't seen products like "Windshield De-Icer" for a long time, too!

In other news, I sent off postcards for [ profile] rossman231, [ profile] eljhika, [ profile] exophase and uh... someone else :< [ profile] gamurgurl? I forget. Anyways, they all went out last Sunday and I know that at least [ profile] exophase received his, and liked it. Two for two so far!

I'll have a follow-up post to this sometime later today/this week (when I have an internet connection back in Kitchener, we're waiting for an eBay auction to finish so we can buy a modem and then sign up for the high-speed service which will take time to be installed and blah blah blah). The subject of the post will be impressions of Canada/USA after a year being a stranger in a strange land. Or something. I know you can hardly wait.

The best part is that I spent the majority of my time in Fiji either:

  • Reading (Mexico Set and London Match by Len Deighton (A++++ would read again))

  • Snorkelling/Diving (A+++++ would dive again)

  • Coding (I was extremely productive on a variety of different projects!)

All in all it was a great success, especially as I sat in the open-air bar, 10 metres from the beach, with the laptop on the table, playing around in CodeBlocks. I love my life.

Oh rooney

Jul. 30th, 2005 02:06 am
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meme )

I saw the last 15 minutes of Spooks, and it looks like a pretty decent show.  I like the feel and look of it, and the way the events were portrayed, but I won't watch it because I don't watch TV anymore.

I'm on the second-last essay of my English program, exactly two weeks until we leave the country.  I'm going to be finishing IB math in Fiji, it looks like.

I sent off postcards to [ profile] phyxius149, [ profile] gamurgurl and [ profile] freestylerfunk today, along with 7 other people.  That's over $11 in postage, so they'd better appreciate them >:(

I still have one more postcard for anyone that wants it, it's from 1992 and features an animal that's probably extinct by now, but it's still a postcard!

I'm at the point in my life where I want to eat, breathe, sleep, etc. coding.  I want to talk code with everybody, I want to debug, I want to discuss, design, determine, other words beginning with the letter D.  Do you know someone like this?  Do they have a form of internet messaging?  Would they like to get in touch with a 15-year code enthusiast who would love someone to query about bugs, share in successes, etc.?  I know I'd jump at the chance.

Yeah, here's another carriage return for you.
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Ok, I have postcards to spare.  I've written to everyone that I think deserves one, they'll be in the mail soon.  Now I have at least one on hand, and I'm willing to pick up more.  Want an Australian postcard?  Reply here, send an email with your address to mrlachatte*A*T*, I will do my best (within financial limits, each postcard is > $1.50, each stamp is $1.10) to send a postcard to you.  Holland, Canada, Sweden, I'm open.

Also I'm really proud of my mzxdj bot which idles in #mzxradio nearly 24/7, despite the fact that nobody except me ever seems to use the actual radio :(

I spent most of today working on some javascript to imitate the mIRC colour selection thing when you press CTR+K.  Almost all of that time was spent trying to hack it around Internet Explorer's retarded DOM implementation (or lack thereof) and the rediculous nature of its Events.  I'm afraid I'm sympathizing with Nanobot right now, I'm feeling righteous indignation because this guy (who's paying me $5 for it, luckily!) really wanted it to work in Internet Explorer :<

EDIT: I fixed the script up so CTR+K now works in IE and Firefox. If anyone else tells me that the script is broken I will scream. It. is. not. broken. AWEOPFJAEWOFJ

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